Awareness is here...

One of the things that has been at the forefront of the unification in the streets are the strong, powerful conversations that are connecting people within a community.   The power of 1:1, or 1-to-few engagement between community leaders and those that are seeking change needs to continue in the weeks/months/years that follow.

...Education and Action is next.

The awareness has happened, the education and action plan needs to follow quickly.  We need to introduce a grassroots initiative that can engage with communities, but understand the solution isn't going to be 1 size fits all.  It needs to be community specific, educational and actionable for all.

What can ACTION look like?

This is where we need YOUR partnership!  Having been associated with cause marketing campaigns in the past, we can provide guidance, but this is where we need a partner like YOU that can help to develop actionable content.We will say that historically successful campaigns are those that are relatable, emotive and have consumers walking away with a smile wanting to learn more.Talking to youth about lung cancer, animal cruelty, or even being financially responsible are not easy topics to have fun with, but via the power of engagement marketing, that features true connection, we can be the vessel for this breakthrough to happen.

“We’re out to have fun, not to preach, lecture or give anyone undeserved side-eye. Stop by and dance, sweat in the summer sun, get a photo with friends and maybe you’ll leave with a bunch of warm-fuzzies in your heart. Or just a new shirt. Either way, you win. And we get you on board to be the generation to end smoking for good. Sound good? Cool. See you there.” —-Truth Campaign messaging and strategy

Milwaukee needs Action.

Milwaukee is the perfect city that change can be rallied around.   Our cities diversity allows for change to be seen and felt immediately.  The youth of Milwaukee have shown they are ready to start the movement for the rest of Wisconsin.

Let's Do This.

Let's develop a grassroots mobile vehicle tour in which people can be lightly educated and most importantly, walk away with 1 to 2 actionable things they can do to develop equality.

    • This is not a truck with a spin wheel to win sunglasses.
    • This is not a vehicle to talk about general differences between people and generic "treat everyone equal" messaging.
    • This IS a platform to engage, create common ground and drive Action specific to the State, City, or best yet community where the interaction is taking place.

What Evolve Does Best.

Evolve does it’s best work in creative design, building, and fabricating solutions that engage.We also are experts in operations and hiring the right staff to be the face of the interaction.

Ready for Action?

We need collaborators that:

  1. Are connected to the community and can develop a positive, easy to understand action plan.  We want a consumer to walk away with 1 or 2 things they can do RIGHT NOW to make a difference.
  2. Will assist in finding the right partners to secure funding for the initiative and development of the project and project assets.